“Are you okay?” Three little words that can transform, encourage and initiate thought and conversation. Last week, September 12th, was RUOK day and maybe you checked out the website; for yourself, your friends, family, even the animals (well maybe that’s just us here at Inner Strength!). We all have bad days from time-to-time (some more than others) and a simple enquiry can make all the difference. But what the bigger message revolves around is asking someone “Are you okay?’”everyday.

An R U OK survey recently revealed that over half Australians (57%) over the last 12 months wanted someone to ask them if they were okay. Statistically, looking forward, the best outcome is asking someone ‘are they okay?’ if they don’t seem okay at any time. It’s that simple. We want much less self harm and suicide. We need to talk about how we feel. Men and women.

Communication is a beautiful thing. We should use it wisely in terms of how it can positively and negatively affect our relationships. It is a challenge as our lives have become so busy and complicated in the crazy cyber-world we now live in. So, let’s stop for a moment, take a breath or three. Ask yourself how you are? Then ask someone else how they are? Conversations need to happen, so let’s start today and keep the mental health ball rolling.

Connecting in a meaningful way is one thing everyone can do to make a difference every day, because every day should be RUOK day.

How are you doing today?