β€œ Stephen helped me navigate a distressing time in my life when I had to make some difficult decisions, reset and prioritise myself. Stephen’s support gave me some clarity and calm which in turn empowered me to make healthy decisions and feel good about them.
Thank you for being so easy to speak to, Stephen πŸ™‚ ”

Lauren Stinson

β€œ Stephen is amazing at what he does and has helped me progress past my mental health issues.. Couldn’t recommend him enough ”

Luke Barry

β€œ Dear Steve, Thank you for taking me under your wings. You gave me a whole paddock to gallop around in. It was green and lush then, but now it has bright yellow and white daisies growing along its grounds and the sun still shines, but even brighter. ”


β€œ I was fortunate to be referred to Stephen 3 years ago as my counsellor and I found him to be competent, kind and professional. I was a bit reluctant to open up at first as it meant trusting someone, but I soon warmed to his sensitive, empathetic yet practical manner. For anyone feeling that desperate ache of loneliness and sadness, I would highly recommend Stephen. ”


β€œ First of all, I would give six stars if I could. Stephen has really helped me get to a place I didn’t think I could get to, the progress that I have made with him over the past few months will help me for years to come. He is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me understand a lot of the β€œwhy’s”, especially with issues I had in childhood. I can’t recommend him highly enough! ”

Amber Taylor

β€œ Stephen helped me in a critical time of my life. I felt completely stuck, physically and emotionally, and wanted to change but somewhat couldn’t. His empathy, patience, skills and life experience helped me trust him rapidly, and together and thanks to his expertise, we unpacked baggages, and re-wired my thought patterns to create a healthier mental foundation.

Stephen taught me to take control of my life and trust my gut feeling and myself again, which led to me taking big life decisions I was terrified of. 8 months later, I can only thank him for his support and guidance as they honestly were the best decisions I’ve taken for myself until now and marked the start of a very beautiful self discovery journey.

I’ve seen a lot of therapists throughout my life but what really made a difference with Stephen is that I felt that he genuinely cared. I completely recommend Stephen, he’s such a great person and therapist. ”

Mathilde Magnier

β€œ Stephen exhibits a very warm approach to his therapy sessions, he is very compassionate and supportive, I would highly recommend him. Stephen shows immense care and concern, you will easily form a trusting union with him. ”

β€œ I came to Stephen to unravel and understand some of my behaviours that I had developed due to issues in childhood. I can not express enough how knowledgable and empathetic Stephen is – he has helped me understand and address parts of myself that I struggled with, up until now. I would highly recommend Stephen to anybody, he is warm and engaging but remains highly professional through out. ”
Lucy Matto

β€œ This is my story of why I couldn’t more highly recommend Stephen to anyone looking for a counsellor. At the worst point in time when my entire life had been completely turned upside down, I found out my counsellor quit and I was left searching for a new one. I remember searching and it seemed that time and time again Stephen’s website kept coming across, from one source or another, and finally I called him. The phone call from me, was more like an interrogation, as I wanted to make sure he was able to help me out. Throughout the phone call he stayed very calm and professional, which astounded me and from there I made an appointment to see him.
I remember that first appointment, I was anxious about whether or not Stephen would be the right one to help sort out my problems. Those thoughts were gradually put at ease by Stephen’s ability to not only listen to my problems, but show empathy towards my situation. As time progressed, I began to see that he is genuinely very compassionate and honest. I appreciate that he has this innate ability to get you to see things differently without telling you might be wrong. How the journey ends is yet to be seen, but Stephen has helped me sort through my muddled life more than any other counsellor has. ”
Alexander Pearce

β€œ I highly recommend Stephen. From the moment I walked in for the first time, I felt incredibly comfortable. He has a warm and empathetic approach, listens intently and gives feedback that helped me put things into perspective, gave me clarity and the ability to look at situations with new eyes. He has enabled me to move forward in leaps and bounds from things that had me entangled for many years. Stephens layback and casual approach has you forgetting the fact you are actually at a therapists office.. his smile is infectious and no matter the mood I walked in.. I would leave feeling uplifted for the whole week. I have seen quite a few therapists over the years and Stephen is one that I would put at top of list. He is a kind compassionate authentic and genuine therapist and Im so glad I’ve had the opportunity to work with him. ”
Maria Lamari

β€œ I was referred to Stephen by a friend of mine and he has been a pleasure helping me with my post trauma experiences in moving forward in a safe, professional and empathetic manner. Would highly recommend. ”

Christopher Lang

β€œ Stephen brings with him [to counselling] finely honed skills and practical knowledge which, when combined with his capacity for empathy, listening and intuitive understanding makes his clients feel supported and valued. If you are feeling a little lost in the world, I would highly recommend Stephen. ”