Mondayitis. Is that even a word? Well, yes it is according to the Urban Dictionary who suggests Mondayitis is even worse after a big weekend! So what exactly is Mondayitis? It’s that feeling of dread and sadness, of tiredness and apathy of the inevitability that lies ahead. Usually it’s work-related so it’s something a lot of us have in common. Here are a few tips and tricks that maybe, just maybe, might make your Monday a bit brighter:

  • Be prepared by Sunday night as it will give you a sense of control and calm. Nothing worse than trying to find your other shoe and iron your shirt whilst flossing your teeth. These things can be done the night before!
  • Be prepared by prepping yourself on Friday for Monday so you don’t go in cold. A little bit of preparation and pre-thought can be the difference between disarray and a calm, organised start before you even walk into work.
  • Plan some fun things to do during the week after work; dinner with friends, a yoga class, maybe make Monday a treat day and get a massage after work. I can’t espouse the value of fun enough
  • A good sleep takes routine and this can be compromised by a big weekend. You could try getting up at your work normal time on a Sunday (perhaps a little later!) and then taking a nap later. Napping is a whole other blog as the jury is divided on the science of napping.
  • Power of the mind. Try to foster a positive attitude or find something positive about the day. A nice lunch, a walk in the sun, the satisfaction of finishing a work task. Booyah, you’re kicking goals.

So you can deal with Monday just like you can deal with all those other days of the week. Why are there seven? Hmmm another blog idea. But seriously, there are plenty of small but significant ways to get through dreary Monday; listen to some cool tunes that energise you, wear something new and colourful, spruce up your workplace with Coles minatures and photos of loved ones. Finally, smile even if you don’t feel like it (I practice this in the mirror every morning. It feels weird at first but it works!) and drink lots of water throughout the day.

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